(Registered Charity Number 1191982)

Is an Equine Assisted Intervention based on the The Horse Course.   Our goal is to develop emotional, thinking skills and patterns of positive behaviour.  

Participants learn that they can only successfully instruct the horse if their communication is calm, clear, assertive and focused.

The Course (Re-Start) has proven to help people suffering social exclusion due to lack of emotional and/or thinking skills and struggle with verbal intervention.   When talking isn’t working.

“Choices Chances & Change” . Horses are amazing beings, everything is black and white with them and they live in the here and now.

Using them as our emotion balancers is extremely powerful.  They respond to the emotion that is presented to them, they have no preconceived ideas about situations or materialistic values, they just respond on what they feel from the human.

We have choices, sometimes we just make the wrong one, but at Crest Farm Equine Connections we give you the chance to make the change!

Crest Farm is a tranquil pocket nestled in the hamlet of Yelsted, near Stockbury which is situated between the M20 and M2.  

It is extremely quiet and secluded allowing the participant to leave the world behind and focus on themselves.

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